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Sunday is our Warmest Day

Sunday is our Warmest Day

Summers come, summers go. The end of the camping season is drawing near, one more weekend to go. Come on over, you still have time to embrace one more mini vacation in Duluth, Minnesota. Get your reservations in!

Look Who’s Coming to Duluth Harbor. Get ready!

Tall Ships Celebration

Is that Johnny Depp? Pirate of the Caribbean? Oh, my … it is Captain Jack Sparrow! Whomever he looks like, get your camera charged, ready to capture all the excitement that is coming to Duluth, Minnesota. Think summer, think wide-brim hat, khaki shorts, and sunglasses, don’t forget some sunscreen too. Those vessels will reach our harbor in the blink of an eye. Get up-close and personal. See you at the dockside soon …

There's Life after Sixty.

The Black Hawk Hiking Club of the Quad Cities Iowa.

“Age is a matter of the mind,” the wise man said. “If we don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter.” How very true. And this group of young-at-heart hikers who visited Duluth and our campground a month ago certainly has a story to share. Get your sneakers ready!

Fifty Years and Three Generations Later

The Krinke-Hawkinson Family

The fourth weekend in June is a special time for this extended family. Duluth is where they go to. Indian Point Campground is the destination. Before they head home on Sunday, they make new reservation for next year, the same spot, and the tradition continues on.

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