Sunday is our Warmest Day

Sunday is our Warmest Day

What a treat for us in Duluth to enjoy lovely weather like these past two weekends, Indian summer surely lingers on.  We're in the heart of October and the weatherman says, “it will be mid 50s all week through”, that's t-shirt weather for Duluth young people.  Considering how frigid and long our past winter was, we were blessed to start the camping season early this year.  The first few guests arrived to spend Mother's Day weekend at Duluth Indian Point Campground, even a few dare-devil tent campers picked two spots in the woods. 

The St. Louis RiverSome visitors to the area were disappointed they did not see much of our fall colors around the area last weekend, even though a trip up north through Wisconsin I-53 had displayed its peak.  Duluth leaves decided to hold on to the trees and only showed off their fall vibrant colors this weekend.  Even though we still see much green around the campground, The Western Waterfront Hiking Trail pleasantly welcomes hikers who want to witness Fall colors across the river.

As I was writing this blog, a couple of guests -- Sam and his girlfriend -- just stopped in the office to check out; they truly enjoyed a 3-day weekend in a semi-secluded tent site closer to the river.  They rented a pontoon yesterday and enjoyed the changing seasonal colors up close and personal as they cruised slowly through the St. Louis River curves and turns – one of our city's hidden treasures.  It is gratifying to see smiles leaving the campground on a Sunday morning like today.  “We’re glad we packed our bags and decided to come up at the last minute on Thursday.  This was a pleasantly surprising time for us, I’ll be glad to remember this time when the grounds are covered with snow this winter,” Sam says.  I agree!

Off was Sam and in was Sally, saying goodbye.  Hers, and her son's family, occupied two sites next to each other this weekend, soaking in Duluth’s beautiful weather at the campground.  Sally stayed with us for the first time in August.  “I had to come back one more time before we let the camper hibernate for six months, and boy … did we pick the right weekend,” she said.  She hugged me goodbye and off she went with her quick small steps waving her hand saying, “I'll be back!!”

“I will too,” followed Jeff, another weekender of ours.  His son is a freshman at the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus.  This was Parents Weekend. “Hotels were booked,” he said when he checked in on Friday, “and the prices are outrageously high. This is a perfect package; here we get to enjoy Fall weather and colors.  We slept well last night,” he added.  Now that he has a son who goes to school in Duluth for another three years, smilingly he promised they would be regular visitors at the campground.

Duluth Indian Point CampgroundSunday is always the warmest time at the campground.  It's the time when most guests stop by and say goodbye.  One of the best money-can't-buy experiences of working at a place like Duluth Indian Point Campground is just that – what just happened, three times in a row within 10 minutes; guests saying goodbye, smiles floating in the air, hugs and thank-you from friendships we build throughout the camping season, year after year.  Duluth is a cool city, but our guests leave our hearts feeling warm all year round.


“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop





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